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Postdoctoral positions

Our research group at the School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is currently seeking two postdoctoral candidates to work on single-molecule biophysics. Our group's focus is on nanoscience and technology in nanopore and DNA nanotechnology systems, where we investigate transport physics and develop single-molecule techniques. Our research has potential applications in single-molecule protein sequencing, biomarker detection, and DNA data storage. We encourage candidates from relevant fields, such as physics, chemistry, and engineering, to apply.

More information is available at:

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is a public research university located in Beijing, China, and is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our university is renowned globally and ranked first in the Nature Index 2021 Young Universities in Leading 150 Young Universities. 

We offer competitive salaries and benefits, with specific packages based on the candidate's qualifications. 

1) For candidates who have a PhD degree from a world-renowned overseas university or have worked with internationally recognized top experts, we offer a basic annual salary of ¥360k ($52.3k), a one-time relocation allowance of ¥30k ($4.4k), and rent allowance of ¥72k ($10.5k) per year. 

2) For outstanding candidates who receive special research funding from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we offer a basic salary of ¥400k ($58.1k), rent allowance of ¥72k ($10.5k) per year, and a match research fund of up to ¥600k ($87.2k). 

3) For all other candidates, we offer a basic salary of at least ¥250k ($36.3k), rent allowance of ¥72k ($10.5k) per year.

The university matches the housing provident funds and the pension. Additionally, postdocs can apply for a research fund of ¥100k (~$14.5k) from the university.

To apply, please send a brief introduction of yourself and your CV to